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Join us for an insightful webinar on "The Power of AI and Conversational Commerce in the Consumer Goods Industry," where we explore the transformative impact of AI in enhancing consumer interactions, resulting in increase conversions and revenue growth. This webinar will delve into the latest trends, technologies that are reshaping the industry, and innovative implementations that are empowering businesses to capture the power of AI and Conversational Commerce today. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Overview of the latest applications of AI in the consumer goods industry.
  • Real-world examples of companies excelling with AI.
  • Practical insights into implementing AI in conversational commerce.
  • Strategies to overcome challenges and leverage AI for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Future trends and innovations to stay ahead in the market.

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Meet the hosts


Senior Business Consultant Marketplace Specialist

Sylvain Bureau is a Senior Business Consultant at Spryker, focusing on marketplaces. He guides companies from all industries to concretize their marketplace ideas with a planned strategy and an associated business plan. He also helps with the operational side of marketplaces, from building, launching, and scaling their businesses. Sylvain cumulates 14 years of experience in e-commerce, working at Pure Player for many years, where he developed strong foundations before turning to consulting.


Partnerships and Growth - North America at infobip

With over a decade of experience in global go-to-market strategies, Devank specializes in channel enablement for tech vendors and startups. His cross-functional expertise spans product management, sales, marketing, and finance across four continents, driving significant revenue growth and enhanced customer retention


Co-CTO at Turbine Kreuzberg

Thomas Kühnel is Co-CTO at Turbine Kreuzberg and responsible for the tech agency’s continuous technological development. He previously worked as a Senior Developer at Spryker and as a Solution Architect at Valantic.